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Tuesday, June 29, 2010



From the "introduction" of Wondrous Things I Have Seen by Brandon Brown:

The formal structure of Wondrous Things I Have Seen is derived from the ancient and medieval Arabic form called saj’. The saj’ is decorative prose which rhymes, and which often makes use of rhythms more common in verse. The prophet Muhammad said, "Avoid ye the rhyming prose of the soothsayers or diviners."

From Wondrous Things I Have Seen by Brandon Brown:

My sex left me at the confluence of two rivers, assuming the rising flood would do its job of killing. The flood bubbled around my lungs and made all my blood soggy but I was lucky—a wolf came over and put teats in my mouth and I sucked. Scary wolf, so brazen and shameless to force open my mouth and make bite on teats my teeth. Bashless wolf, do you not know that hunters lurk near these rivers, who hanker for jackets of wolfskin? The spot where the floodwaters ebbed was part of two ranches owned by Ronald Reagan, collectively known as Ronald Reagan Ranch. A ranch hand found me coddled by wolves, let wolves live, clasped by the rear he reared me on the ranch, extending the borders of his working day so it knew no bounds. Fortunate rancher, he did not know I would be the king of anatomically-camel ranch hands, endorsed by Vulcan to stamp forehead by lightning at my discretion. My crown tasted like a coin or teat. So first thing I did was hunt, trap, beat, exterminate wolves.


  • 19 writings on 25 sheets of 100% post-consumer, acid-free paper

  • beautiful cover drawings, front and back, by Kari Freitag

  • hand assembled in Lawrence, Kansas

$11, postage paid (to United States and the Canadas)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gutter Catholic Love Song by Joseph Wood now available!

Gutter Catholic Love Song
by Joseph Wood
cover design by Jamie Lacore
handmade in Lawrence, KS
w/ recycled paper

$10.00 (shipping included to USA & Canada)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Reviews have been written about _White Girl_

On her pretty awesome book review blog, Anne Boyer has reviewed Alli Warren's chap Well Meaning White Girl here.

Also very awesomely, Nada Gordon has reviewed WMWG, too. She just scored herself Mitzvah Chaps for life.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Well Meaning White Girl by Alli Warren now available!

"When is The Collected Alli Warren going to be published?"
-Michael T. Hauser

Mr. Hauser voices with clarity that which is surely on all of our minds, and though we here at Mitzvah Chaps cannot answer that question anymore than we can afford extra toppings on our pizza, we can safely say that if you order Alli's chapbook Well Meaning White Girl, it will be 'popped in' the mail within a week.

19 Poems by Alli Warren
Cover designed by Anne Boyer
Edition of 150
Saddle-stitched in Kansas
$7 (includes shipping if you live in the contiguous US)
Includes this poem:


The looping points like likeness and so forth
asserts that everything happens because
I do not know how to work metal
I am less effective I devote a great part of my time to
the interpretation of signals When signs are slow
in coming I do not hesitate to seek the slightest touch
by water by wheat berry by cotton thread and flintstone
I lick around the perimeter and then I lick under
that other totality to overthrow with a flick of tongue
that I might run to the top of a high hill
without weariness sprout a disc and make bold
claims Aim to come correct come morning
after morning there is full range in weights
and extensive looting Insert two fingers to bring breath

Thursday, April 2, 2009